About Me :)


Bonjour! Big hi and welcome to you. Here's a little biography about the webmistress. Get to know more about her? The name given is Raja Nurul Syaqireen Binti Raja Mansor. Born on 17 of July 1996 . Currently 16 and happy she with that. Schooling at SM Teknik Perdagangan JB and has taken PMR . She is very tall in a person .

 She have specific friends with specific attitude and dislike friends who is a backstabber and a hypocrite. She is not the kinda person who only have 1 best friends but she has a lot. Her best friends know her like the back of her hands.

Things about her; 

-Carzy of Emma Watson
-When it comes to food, she is choosy
-She loves every food in town except 'Durians'. 
-Know how to speak in 2 languages : Malay, English. 
-She have 4 sibling and all is female
-She craved for fashion and obsess with watches
-Has many hidden talents, one of it is playing guitar
-Enjoys gossiping. 
-She don't like to take orders from someone else. 
-Her main traits is to daydream. 
-Gadgets makes her go woww. 
-She is Netballers of her school

She loves; 
-Outing with her Friends
-Taking photos 
-Watching movies especially horror 
-Go shopping 
-Editing blog 
-Cute stuff

She hates; 
-Die hard fans

terime kasih adek manis datang lagi :)